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Cambridge Water Softeners

Entire Group have their own brand of water softeners called ecosmooth that are industry leading units, click here to download the PDF brochure.

The benefits of softened water are many and varied, they are very effective in:

  • Preventing scale in the hot water system and around taps
  • Removing existing scale
  • Reducing boiler fuel cost and heating system maintenance costs
  • Preventing soap scum, which is evident around the bath and sink
  • Improving the texture of laundry by preventing detergent scum deposits within the fibres of clothes, bedding, etc.
  • Reducing soap and detergent costs.


By removing the existing scale within your heating system and preventing it re-occurring it will reduce the amount of fuel used to heat your hot water. Tests carried out at a Government recognised laboratory confirmed that the steady state improvement was 5.6%. To put that in perspective, if you have fitted a condensing boiler with a Sedbuck rating of ‘A’ the reduction in efficiency would bring it back down to a Sedbuck rating of ‘C’ which is below the Government Guidelines. Therefore, the building regulations published May 2006 and coming into force 6th April 2007 require that water for the heating system must be treated to reduce scaling. A water softener is the ideal appliance to do this.

You also reduce the carbon emissions by the reduction in the amount of soaps and cleaning products used. Carbon emissions are further reduced by the extended life of home appliances, plumbing, bathrooms, showers, etc. and the reduced number of visits by service engineers to maintain and repair the equipment from the ravages of limescale.

A water softener will remove all existing scale from within the household appliances, pipe work and on surfaces such as showers and baths. A water softener will also prevent the scale from re-occurring.

And finally, installing a water softener will improve the quality of your life. Most people buy their first water softener for reasons of the head. It makes economic sense, it is environmentally friendly, it is a sensible thing to do. However, once people have lived with the benefits of a water softener and enjoyed the luxury of bathing, washing and showering in clean, scum free, water they find it difficult to put up with the hard, nasty, dry skin causing hard water.